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Kids `R` Kids of Lakeshore is one of a few local schools with all lead teachers holding a Child Development Associate certification. Staffing that lowers our child to staff ratios 30 to 50% below state minimum standards. In regard to our staff, we do not pay just the minimum wage, or randomly cut staff hours. We have staff you can get close to and our yearly average turnover rate is less than 10%. Our nurseries and preschool classes have only six month age differences for better age-appropriate settings. Each classroom has separate air conditioning supplies and glass fronts with glass walls for visibility. Our classrooms and playgrounds are on average 30% larger than required by state guidelines. All inclusive tuition is free of additional fees and includes meals and supplies. The only center in our area to offer on-line internet cameras, we have two in every classroom for parents to view their children during business hours. Finally, classrooms do not combine with others due to low room counts in an effort to reduce staffing costs. 

Our staff and our parents are what make these differences really work. We take a "real life" approach to our children, their care and their education. It works well, and we all enjoy endless new adventures with our children as they grow. "We Hug Them First, Then We Teach Them!"

Liza and Doug Scherber

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